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Sfstory Index for Logs 001-030

Vol    Date    ID  Title                                 Author
---  --------  --  ------------------------------------  -------------------
001  01/19/87  SF  "The Beginning of the Story"          I77050408 at DBSTU1
     01/24/87  SF  "...when suddenly the Giant Space..." Jeff Smith
     01/24/87  SF  "Rader suddenly sat up in her bed..." Bruce Pennypacker
     01/25/87  SF  "Day One"                             Ronald Meldrum
     01/30/87  SF  "...when suddenly a small Frisbee..." Jeff Smith
     02/01/87  SF  "Meanwhile, back on Earth..."         Jeff Smith
     02/02/87  SF  "The rip in the space-time..."        RLW352C at MAINE
     02/14/87  SF  "...which, being hit by the wave..."  Jeff Smith
     02/19/87  SF  "The wave of disturbance ebbed..."    RLW352C at MAINE
     02/22/87  SF  "At the same time Challenger II..."   Jeff Smith
     03/09/87  SF  "The Doctor gazed into the..."        CV17OPER at MIAMIU
     04/02/87  SF  "Meanwhile in outer space..."         Carlo N. Samson
     04/04/87  SF  "Bubba Wojahowitz was sitting on..."  Jeff Smith
     04/04/87  SF  "Bubba stepped from the black..."     Jeff Smith
     04/06/87  SF  "The next thing Bubba Wojahowitz..."  Bruce Pennypacker
     04/06/87  SF  "Some more silly questions to ask..." Bruce Pennypacker
     04/12/87  SF  "Bubba slumped on the park bench..."  Jeff Smith
     04/26/87  SF  "To the sound of wild applause..."    Jeff Smith
002  04/26/87  SF  "With an explosion of sulphurous..."  Jeff Smith
     04/30/87  SF  "Meanwhile in another part of the..." Carlo N. Samson
     05/02/87  SF  "With an assortment of odd noises..." Jeff Smith
     05/09/87  SF  "*Pop*  Bubba looked about..."        Jeff Smith
     05/10/87  SF  "The story of the film so far..."     Jeff Smith
     05/10/87  SF  "The *real* synopsis of SFSTORY..."   Jeff Smith
     05/16/87  SF  "Dr. Spleen sped along the..."        Jeff Smith
     05/16/87  SF  "It was high noon on Wednesday..."    Jeff Smith
     05/19/87  SF  "The Supreme Being looked down on..." U42701 at UICVM
     05/23/87  SF  ""When can I leave?" repeated Bubba"  Jeff Smith
     05/23/87  SF  "With a flash of bad special..."      Jeff Smith
     05/25/87  SF  "Dr. Spleen awoke from his..."        Jeff Smith
003  05/27/87  SF  "Meanwhile... *thwip* *thump*..."     U42701 at UICVM
     05/29/87  SF  "Doctor Von Spleen tore his way..."   Jeff Smith
     05/30/87  SF  ""I'm bored," said Ralph, "I...""     Jeff Smith
     05/30/87  SF  "The sleek starship cut swiftly..."   Jeff Smith
     05/31/87  SF  "Centuries ago, on the surface of..." Jeff Smith
     05/31/87  SF  "Meanwhile, back on Earth..."         Andy Robinson
     06/04/87  SF  "Omegas stepped from his inter-..."   Jeff Smith
     06/12/87  SF  "Omegas walked swiftly up the..."     Jeff Smith
     06/14/87  SF  "Omegas snapped his fingers and..."   Jeff Smith
004  06/19/87  SF  "Omegas swore.  He swore at the..."   Jeff Smith
     06/22/87  SF  "Gargavix Oolavant's Pocket Guide..." Jeff Smith
     06/23/87  SF  "Pilot Elbo typed in the short..."    Jeff Smith
     06/25/87  SF  "Pilot Elbo watched as the..."        Jeff Smith
     06/25/87  SF  The pudding thickens...               Andy Robinson
     06/25/87  SF  "At this point in time, one of..."    Andy Robinson
     06/27/87  SF  "Since Andy has done us the..."       Jeff Smith
     06/28/87  SF  "Omegas, mad beyond any possible..."  Jeff Smith
005  06/28/87  SF  This story is going to the dogs...    Andy Robinson
     06/28/87  SF  Third stone from the sun              Andy Robinson
     07/01/87  SF  "The black shark-ship cut swiftly..." Jeff Smith
     07/02/87  SF  "The Doctor awoke on the floor of..." Jeff Smith
     08/06/87  SF  "Meanwhile, in a small Boston..."     Eric Alfred Burns
     08/08/87  SF  "Around a very small planet in..."    Eric Alfred Burns
     09/28/87  SF  "Nachtwald watched in horror as..."   Carlo N. Samson
     12/31/87  SF  "Doctor Von Spleen turned on the..."  Jeff Smith
006  01/03/88  SF  "Zark Flyby of the Intergalactic..."  Jeff Smith
     01/05/88  SF  "Zark Flyby set the controls of..."   Jeff Smith
     01/06/88  SF  "And so while Bubba's soul was..."    Starman
     01/27/88  SF  "As long as this has been renewed..." Starman
     01/28/88  SF  "About 1 billion miles from a..."     Starman
     01/28/88  SF  "Zark Flyby, Second Sargeant of..."   Troy Cheek
     01/30/88  SF  "Meanwhile, back on Earth, Omegas..." Troy Cheek
     01/31/88  SF  In which we find something odd on...  Scott McGuire
     01/31/88  SF  Yes.  Satan, too.                     Troy Cheek
     02/01/88  SF  "On the planet Wiph, Quooth and..."   Carlo N. Samson
     02/01/88  SF  In which Dr. Spleen tries to return   Troy Cheek
     02/01/88  SF  In which we find out why Heaven...    Scott McGuire
007  02/05/88  SF  In which we get totally confused      Troy Cheek
     02/08/88  SF  The beginning of the end              Troy Cheek
     02/17/88  SF  "Zark was mad.  He was sure of..."    Jeff Smith
     02/17/88  SF  "Whoops!  I forgot the questions!..." Jeff Smith
     02/17/88  SF  Doomsday arrives                      Scott McGuire
     02/18/88  SF  "Moments later, Zark appeared in..."  Jeff Smith
     02/19/88  SF  "Zark, his spaceship, and the..."     Jeff Smith
     02/19/88  SF  "The Doctor awoke from sleep with..." Jeff Smith
     02/22/88  SF  Wherein maine's population decreases  Eric Alfred Burns
008  02/22/88  SF  The happy gang in the mass of spam... Eric Alfred Burns
     02/22/88  SF  Far, far, far away                    Troy Cheek
     02/22/88  SF  Still far away, but not as far as...  Troy Cheek
     02/24/88  SF  Wherein I expand our plots and...     Eric Alfred Burns
     02/24/88  SF  oops                                  Eric Alfred Burns
     02/24/88  SF  Back at the ranch                     Eric Alfred Burns
     02/24/88  SF  Getting closer                        Troy Cheek
     02/24/88  SF  On neo-spam and TARDIS trips          Eric Alfred Burns
     02/25/88  SF  In space/time                         Eric Alfred Burns
     02/25/88  SF  Not all that far away                 Troy Cheek
     02/26/88  SF  Wherein we find out the state of...   Eric Alfred Burns
     02/26/88  SF  In which we find out Quooth and...    Scott McGuire
009  02/27/88  SF  Wherein we find out Varneyloop's...   Eric Alfred Burns
     02/28/88  SF  Love, divinity, and EVIL'S...         Eric Alfred Burns
     02/28/88  SF  More on 357 and co.                   Troy Cheek
     02/29/88  SF  How Satan returned...                 Troy Cheek
     02/29/88  SF  In which we find something...         Scott McGuire
     02/29/88  SF  One more thing...                     Troy Cheek
     03/01/88  SF  In which we come to the first (pt.1)  Scott McGuire
     03/01/88  SF  In which we come to the first (pt.2)  Scott McGuire
     03/01/88  SF  In orbit around Stix                  Troy Cheek
     03/01/88  SF  Wherein Matt makes a BIG mistake      Eric Alfred Burns
010  03/01/88  SF  Back in the apartment                 Eric Alfred Burns
     03/02/88  SF  Subplots in Heaven                    Troy Cheek
     03/02/88  SF  Wherein Matt discovers the mess...    Eric Alfred Burns
     03/04/88  SF  Back in Boston...                     Eric Alfred Burns
     03/04/88  SF  Muck-Lucks trials                     Eric Alfred Burns
     03/04/88  SF  In which 357 has problems             Troy Cheek
     03/04/88  SF  Wherein Matt finally meets people...  Eric Alfred Burns
     03/06/88  SF  Out of the Bend                       Troy Cheek
     03/06/88  SF  Muck-Luck with a perky blond in...    Eric Alfred Burns
     03/07/88  SF  Well, most of them got through...     Troy Cheek
     03/07/88  SF  Matt and Linda get to know each...    Eric Alfred Burns
     03/09/88  SF  On a strange planet...                Troy Cheek
     03/16/88  SF  Wherein 357 makes contact             Eric Alfred Burns
011  04/04/88  SF  Wherein Matt and Linda get a...       Eric Alfred Burns
     04/04/88  SF  Wherein a little more of New...       Eric Alfred Burns
     04/04/88  SF  A PARTIAL LISTING TO EXPLAIN WHO...   Eric Alfred Burns
     04/04/88  SF  PART TWO OF THE MASTER LIST           Eric Alfred Burns
     04/06/88  SF  "Meanwhile in what used to be..."     Kevin Pelletier
     04/07/88  SF  Back in the smoking remains of Boston Eric Alfred Burns
     04/08/88  SF  In the cold cold reaches of Maine     Eric Alfred Burns
     04/08/88  SF  357 is in big trouble...              Troy Cheek
     04/09/88  SF  And Muck-Luck comes on home...        Eric Alfred Burns
     04/09/88  SF  Wherein Matt and Linda's NEXT...      Eric Alfred Burns
     04/09/88  SF  Wherein a new storyline begins...     Patrick McCoy
     04/10/88  SF  The next new character is here...     Patrick McCoy
012  04/10/88  SF  TARDIS troubles                       Eric Alfred Burns
     04/10/88  SF  Where plotlines cross!                Patrick McCoy
     04/10/88  SF  No, not MORE of New England...        Eric Alfred Burns
     04/10/88  SF  Satan gets some news                  Eric Alfred Burns
     04/11/88  SF  About Quooth and Omegas               Scott McGuire
     04/11/88  SF  On the second {or ninth} planet of... Scott McGuire
     04/11/88  SF  TARDIS quiet times                    Eric Alfred Burns
     04/11/88  SF  357 in nether-space                   Troy Cheek
     04/11/88  SF  Evening on the plain                  Eric Alfred Burns
     04/11/88  SF  Wherein we discover the FATE OF...    Eric Alfred Burns
013  04/11/88  SF  Wherein the TARDIS gets on the move   Eric Alfred Burns
     04/12/88  SF  Wherein plot affect others            Patrick McCoy
     04/12/88  SF  Wherein the Commander gets a name...  Patrick McCoy
     04/12/88  SF  After the "Big Night"                 Eric Alfred Burns
     04/12/88  SF  Natchwald's continuing struggle       Eric Alfred Burns
     04/12/88  SF  Where a few plot convolutions come... Eric Alfred Burns
     04/13/88  SF  Quick character sketch                Troy Cheek
     04/13/88  SF  More on 357                           Troy Cheek
     04/13/88  SF  Of men, bugs, and monkeys             Scott McGuire
     04/13/88  SF  The Battle of Ultranatch              Eric Alfred Burns
014  04/13/88  SF  Arrival                               Troy Cheek
     04/14/88  SF  The assault of Netherspace            Eric Alfred Burns
     04/14/88  SF  Matt goes home                        Eric Alfred Burns
     04/15/88  SF  Wherein Bert does something           Patrick McCoy
     04/15/88  SF  Matt's life gets a little weirder     Eric Alfred Burns
     04/15/88  SF  The biggest battle since...part one   Troy Cheek
     04/15/88  SF  The biggest battle since...part two   Troy Cheek
     04/17/88  SF  The conference                        Eric Alfred Burns
     04/17/88  SF  The calm before the storm             Eric Alfred Burns
     04/18/88  SF  THE BIG BATTLE...or at least the...   Eric Alfred Burns
015  04/19/88  SF  In a related story                    Troy Cheek
     04/19/88  SF  After the battle                      Troy Cheek
     04/20/88  SF  Fun with Matt and his computer...     Eric Alfred Burns
     04/20/88  SF  The end of the Deathmonger            Patrick McCoy
     04/20/88  SF  Approaching Beta Microba VI           Troy Cheek
     04/21/88  SF  Same as it ever was...                Eric Alfred Burns
     04/21/88  SF  Point three, where we find answers    Troy Cheek
     04/21/88  SF  More on Beta Microba VI               Troy Cheek
     04/22/88  SF  Wherein MORE things start to happen   Nathan Irwin
016  04/22/88  SF  Natch and Ralph watch a show          Eric Alfred Burns
     04/22/88  SF  Where Toni gets involved...           Patrick McCoy
     04/25/88  SF  357 returns to base                   Troy Cheek
     04/25/88  SF  first of four                         Troy Cheek
     04/25/88  SF  THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW RADAR/...    Eric Alfred Burns
     04/25/88  SF  second of four                        Troy Cheek
     04/25/88  SF  third of four                         Troy Cheek
     04/25/88  SF  fourth of four                        Troy Cheek
     04/27/88  SF  Orders are orders                     Troy Cheek
     04/27/88  SF  In the news                           Troy Cheek
     04/27/88  SF  Approaching gal-lat 42 by gal-long 98 Troy Cheek
     04/28/88  SF  Matt and Linda on the run             Eric Alfred Burns
017  04/28/88  SF  Terrorism in New England {as if it... Eric Alfred Burns
     04/28/88  SF  The Intern, Linda, and Steve on...    Eric Alfred Burns
     04/28/88  SF  Matt and Linda make contact           Eric Alfred Burns
     04/29/88  SF  Wherein the Intern and Radar get...   Eric Alfred Burns
     05/02/88  SF  Wherein there is some character...    Patrick McCoy
     05/02/88  SF  First time out...                     M. Graves
     05/02/88  SF  An exciting development               Troy Cheek
     05/02/88  SF  Searching the caves...                M. Graves
     05/02/88  SF  "Lieutenant Commander awoke from..."  M. Graves
018  05/02/88  SF  "When we left our heroes, they..."    Nathan Irwin
     05/03/88  SF  How to fry a mushroom with a...       M. Graves
     05/03/88  SF  The mysterious lady                   M. Graves
     05/03/88  SF  Journey to oblivion                   M. Graves
     05/03/88  SF  A quick change of story               Patrick McCoy
     05/03/88  SF  Wherein we find out just what...      Eric Alfred Burns
     05/04/88  SF  Life takes a turn for the worst       Patrick McCoy
     05/04/88  SF  The chase is on                       Troy Cheek
     05/04/88  SF  I dunno                               Eric Alfred Burns
     05/05/88  SF  Closing in for the kill               Troy Cheek
     05/06/88  SF  357 awakens                           Troy Cheek
019  05/06/88  SF  Journey to oblivion...conclusion      M. Graves
     05/08/88  SF  357 in trouble                        Troy Cheek
     05/09/88  SF  Wherein Nathan finally comes up...    Nathan Irwin
     05/09/88  SF  A short posting...                    Patrick McCoy
     05/09/88  SF  G.X.P. re-enters the story            Troy Cheek
     05/11/88  SF  Around the Black Hole                 Troy Cheek
     05/12/88  SF  Strange exchange                      Carlo N. Samson
     05/12/88  SF  Strange exchange pt. 2                Carlo N. Samson
     05/16/88  SF  Quick plot development                Patrick McCoy
     05/17/88  SF  Spam and back again                   Troy Cheek
     05/18/88  SF  Not quite back yet                    Troy Cheek
020  05/18/88  SF  On their {thier?} way back            Troy Cheek
     05/18/88  SF  Wherein we begin to reactivate...     Eric Alfred Burns
     05/19/88  SF  Wherein the quest gets underway       Eric Alfred Burns
     05/19/88  SF  30 years in the past                  Troy Cheek
     05/20/88  SF  Wherein the gang's in trouble         Eric Alfred Burns
     05/21/88  SF  Wherein this idiot story goes on...   Nathan Irwin
     05/22/88  SF  Wherein the mystery woman is...       Eric Alfred Burns
     05/22/88  SF  Wherein the destination of the...     Eric Alfred Burns
     05/22/88  SF  Where the gang gets back together     Troy Cheek
     05/23/88  SF  "Thanks to their newly stolen..."     Nathan Irwin
021  05/23/88  SF  Wherein Nathan writes some more...    Nathan Irwin
     05/23/88  SF  Wherein Trudy Tetwaters is...         Eric Alfred Burns
     05/24/88  SF  Wherein the reader gets TWO...        Nathan Irwin
     05/24/88  SF  Wherein Zark hears from the Time...   Nathan Irwin
     05/24/88  SF  Wherein Matt and Linda get saved...   Eric Alfred Burns
     05/25/88  SF  Wherein Steve and Muck-Luck fish...   Eric Alfred Burns
     05/25/88  SF  The hunt is on                        Troy Cheek
     05/25/88  SF  Wherein things get worse              Patrick McCoy
     05/25/88  SF  At Club Nympho                        Troy Cheek
     05/26/88  SF  On the prowl in netherspace           Troy Cheek
022  05/26/88  SF  Arriving in altiverse 1               Troy Cheek
     05/26/88  SF  Wherein the fate of Galahad is...     Eric Alfred Burns
     05/26/88  SF  Sniffing for big game                 Troy Cheek
     05/28/88  SF  Emergence into realspace              Troy Cheek
     05/29/88  SF  When space says kablooey, people...   Troy Cheek
     05/30/88  SF  Wherein the gang is reunited          Eric Alfred Burns
     05/30/88  SF  The Cowboy's last entry {sniff}       Troy Cheek
     06/02/88  SF  WHEREIN THE DEPRESSING STORYLINE...   Patrick McCoy
     06/02/88  SF  Wherein things get back to normal     Patrick McCoy
023  06/05/88  SF  BACK AT IU                            Patrick McCoy
     06/06/88  SF  THE RETURN OF RADAR AND THE INTERN... Eric Alfred Burns
     06/07/88  SF  Where Toni and Buzz get in and out... Patrick McCoy
     06/12/88  SF  Wherein matters do not improve        Patrick McCoy
     06/13/88  SF  Wherein a new plotline is being...    Patrick McCoy
     06/16/88  SF  Wherein two old friends get into...   Eric Alfred Burns
     06/18/88  SF  Wherein the next plotline begins      Patrick McCoy
     06/18/88  SF  Wherein Trudy Tetwaters {correct...   Eric Alfred Burns
     06/18/88  SF  Wherein we find out what young...     Eric Alfred Burns
024  06/20/88  SF  Wherein plots are patched {part 1}    Patrick McCoy
     06/22/88  SF  Where plots are patched {part 2}      Patrick McCoy
     06/23/88  SF  The new plotline begins!              Patrick McCoy
     06/29/88  SF  Wherein plots get patched, part III   Patrick McCoy
     06/30/88  SF  Patching the patch of the patched...  Eric Alfred Burns
     06/30/88  SF  Wherein something scary happens       Nathan Irwin
025  07/07/88  SF  Another altiverse                     Abigail Ann Young
     07/11/88  SF  Wherein the authors react             Patrick McCoy
     07/12/88  SF  "The Dragon awoke from the..."        IO80034 at MAINE
     07/12/88  SF  Wherein the Buzz Williams plot...     Patrick McCoy
     07/13/88  SF  "Well, here I am, in some other..."   IO80034 at MAINE
     07/15/88  SF  "The Dragon was dozing off again..."  IO80034 at MAINE
     07/17/88  SF  Wherein the finally reunited gang...  Eric Alfred Burns
     07/18/88  SF  Same altiverse, another pub           Abigail Ann Young
     07/19/88  SF  "Lord Sabre awoke...something had..." IO80034 at MAINE
     07/20/88  SF  Wherein we look in on Natchwald...    Eric Alfred Burns
     07/20/88  SF  Son of Spam                           Abigail Ann Young
     07/21/88  SF  "EXCERPT FROM THE MEESE REPORT ON..." IO80034 at MAINE
     07/21/88  SF  The Story of It                       Abigail Ann Young
026  07/23/88  SF  Wherein Nathan rambles on for a...    Nathan Irwin
     07/23/88  SF  The Prophecy                          Rainmaker
     07/23/88  SF  Second Harold, Chapter Sixteen        Rainmaker
     07/23/88  SF  Yeah, this is the last entry...       Rainmaker
     07/25/88  SF  Dar, the cat, and Spamology 2         Abigail Ann Young
     07/27/88  SF  A letter received in the Author's...  Roland Alfred Burns
     08/03/88  SF  Wherein 'The Plan' is revealed and... Nathan Irwin
     08/04/88  SF  Dar's search for spam                 Abigail Ann Young
     08/05/88  SF  Wherein Nathan brings this silly...   Nathan Irwin
     08/05/88  SF  I'm baaa-aaack...{Guy Gardner, JLI... Patrick McCoy
     08/08/88  SF  Back to Buzz                          Patrick McCoy
     08/11/88  SF  What's up with Ian                    Patrick McCoy
     08/22/88  SF  Eric returns and plots are resumed... Eric Alfred Burns
027  09/05/88  SF  Fool for the City                     John Sullivan
     09/05/88  SF  "Sorry - forgot about that part"      John Sullivan
     09/06/88  SF  Wherein plots are patched {again}     Patrick McCoy
     09/15/88  SF  Prologue to new plotline              Scott McGuire
     09/17/88  SF  The Dark Lord {SM1}                   Scott McGuire
     09/19/88  SF  Character summary                     Patrick McCoy
     09/19/88  SF  The Bad Guys...                       Patrick McCoy
     09/19/88  SF  Wherein a very little happens         Eric Alfred Burns
     09/19/88  SF  The Return of 357                     Troy Cheek
     09/20/88  SF  The Rebel {SM2}                       Scott McGuire
     09/20/88  SF  Quooth, Omegas, a rescue from The...  Troy Cheek
     09/22/88  SF  Wherein Zark gets a new mission       Nathan Irwin
028  09/22/88  SF  Back in netherspace                   Troy Cheek
     09/22/88  SF  What's happening on Schimmiter...     Patrick McCoy
     09/23/88  SF  Meanwhile...back in Sabre's...        Eric Alfred Burns
     09/24/88  SF  Time Agents in Space                  Troy Cheek
     09/25/88  SF  Wherein Nathan sets up a Battle       Nathan Irwin
     09/25/88  SF  In need of a plan                     Troy Cheek
     09/25/88  SF  The Announcement {SM3}                Scott McGuire
     09/25/88  SF  Preparing for the assault             Troy Cheek
     09/27/88  SF  Wherein trouble is had                Patrick McCoy
     09/27/88  SF  The assault on Time Central {part 1}  Troy Cheek
029  09/27/88  SF  The assault on Time Central {part 2}  Troy Cheek
     09/27/88  SF  The assault on Time Central {part 3}  Troy Cheek
     09/28/88  SF  The aftermath                         Troy Cheek
     09/29/88  SF  Small actions, great consequences...  Beth L. Jones
     09/30/88  SF  People on the River are Happy to Give John Sullivan
     09/30/88  SF  Wherein Sabre's plots get advanced... Eric Alfred Burns
     09/30/88  SF  People in the River are sad to drown  Troy Cheek
     10/02/88  SF  Wherein Bubba fixxes things up for... Nathan Irwin
     10/02/88  SF  The imps deliver the goods            Beth L. Jones
030  10/04/88  SF  A bit on 357                          Troy Cheek
     10/05/88  SF  In the beginning...                   Scott McGuire
     10/06/88  SF  The new arrival                       Troy Cheek
     10/07/88  SF  Wherein Buzz and the gang are...      Patrick McCoy
     10/08/88  SF  Quooth and Cobalt get moving          Beth L. Jones
     10/10/88  SF  Sticks and stones may break my...     Scott McGuire
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